Rehearsing curtain call with young actors at Berkeley Playhouse

Youth Company Parents

"What a wonderful performance! We were all very proud. The team worked great together fantastically. " - Parent of Wizard of Oz Camp student (Level 4) - Summer 2013

"My child is in the K-2 cohort for Annie, and can't wait to go every week to see what class will bring.  It is exciting to see the children learn about staging a production at such a young age, but in such an accessible way.  Jerry, the program director, is a certified teacher and totally put me at ease to leave my child at her first "drop-off" class.  He is great at reigning in behavior and is so positive with the kids..." - YELP review from Fall 2012 Parent

Schoolsite Program Parents

"I can't say enough what an amazing job your company did with the children." - Belding Elementary Parent, January 2015

"2 great shows! She had a blast again, and was sad it was over...." - Beaubien Elementary Parent, January 2015

Youth Company Audience

"The play was absolutely perfect for my 4 and 5 year old. They were mesmerized from start to finish. The actors were all children in the Youth Company and wow..can they sing, dance and act!! It was a very up close and personal play and quite impressive!" - Aladdin (Jr) Audience Member (August 2012)

"It was amazing what they were able to do, and the set and costumes were definitely the most professional we've ever seen at a kids' performance. There was even a live musician playing during the songs. My kids and I really enjoyed it!" - Aladdin (Jr) Audience Member (July 2012)

Parents from Jerry's Work @ Other Organizations
"We've really liked your artistic ideas. The directing and staging were fabulous...close to a professional caliber show despite the fact that a lot of the young actors were very new to the stage." - Berkeley Playhouse Parent (Cast member in "The AristoCats" - Directed by Jerry R. Foust, 2011)

"Being in a fully produced show, with professional design, costume, choreography, and lighting, was not only exciting, but challenged the kids to bring their own work to a new level. It was a great balance of support, encouragement, teamwork, and expecting the young actors to respond with commitment and hard work, which they certainly did. Parents were welcomed into the extended family, and family members and friends were blown away by the quality of the final productions. What the kids accomplished, under Jerry’s direction, was remarkable." - Berkeley Playhouse Parent (Cast member in "Charlie Brown" - Directed by Jerry R. Foust, 2011)

"Jerry directed my son in one of his last productions with kids at BP, and he became an important mentor to him during that time. My son had a lot of talent but also some problems with focus and excess energy. Jerry helped him realize his own skills and gain tremendous confidence. He really came into his own as an actor working with Jerry. I admire Jerry's enthusiasm, creativity, and high standards of excellence -- Both parents and kids alike loved working with him!" - Berkeley Playhouse Parent (Cast member in "The AristoCats" - 2011)

"I want to really thank you for mentorship and inspiring our daughter.  It is rare that a parent gets the privilege of watching their child engaged in something they truly love....I was witnessing another side of her I'd never seen,  on-stage, belting out those songs with confidence.  I want to thank you for having created such a positive arena for those children to learn and be a part of, and for the mentorship you provided...You really have done an amazing job of growing the Berkeley Playhouse to where it is today and will be headed in the future." - Berkeley Playhouse Parent (Cast member in "The AristoCats" and "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" - 2011)

"Being in these shows were transformative experiences for her.  She arrived at Berkeley Playhouse shortly after switching schools due to being badly bullied.  The bullying made her more anxious and increased her already high shyness in public.  She worried about trying new things that might make her vulnerable.  Being in 'The AristoCats' changed all that for her.  You set up a social situation where she felt valued and an important contributing member of her musical theater community..."- Berkeley Playhouse Parent (Cast member in "The Aristocats" and "Charlie Brown" - Winter 2011)

"Your dedication to the music program has been obvious by the quality of the children's work. We have seen how impressed they are with their accomplishments. Thank you for helping them see what their potential can be with hard work." - Henryville Elementary School PTA

Teaching Colleagues
"Thank you for making my kids love music.  You are a teacher that inspires kids to love to learn and do their best..." - Dottie (1st Grade Teacher, West Clark Community Schools)

"Jerry is an extraordinary teacher and talented educator. He consistently demonstrates outstanding instructional practice and professional leadership. This is substantiated by the many positive comments I receive from students, parents and staff. I greatly value Jerry's commitment to excellence." - Principal (Del Mar Union School - California)

Kids can command their own audiences!